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The T1-P system was checked several times in 2006 and 2007 on a cordoned-off airfield with great effort by a number of authorities (TÜV-Nord, PTB, German Eichamt, police with radar, light barrier, laser pistol, etc.).


Lots of test objects in front of the hangar, on the right last meetings in front of the hangar with the T1-P / in front of the radio car for coordination.


left side: apparently the starter is in infinity (750 m).

A (DIN) driver drives a wide variety of vehicles (50cc, 125cc, throttled, open, manipulated) and measured in both directions.

The driver was given additional weights because he lost weight and no longer weighed a total of 75 kg.

laser pistol

The error-free function of the speedometer (ESO) was not always guaranteed, as this model requires a clear form (car). This is not guaranteed with scooters or mopeds. Alignment was difficult, but it worked.

The radar “trap” had to be shaded because it was extremely hot.

Messstrecke der PTB

Extremely expensive precision measuring systems from PTB

Test auf T1-P

Then immediately with a warm engine in the hangar for testing on the T1 test bench. Everything was carefully checked, documented and evaluated.

The result was that the T1 test bench was in the middle of all the tested results. After attempts to manipulate and operate incorrectly were carried out (unsuccessful because the system was very secure), it only took a year (after a total of seven years) until the long-awaited type approval was granted.

This system is now calibratable and can go to the police force.

First handover
T1-P mit Anhänger
Trailer with load securing.

Notice to drivers!

Motorized two-wheelers have been checked with a roller dynamometer for years.

The T1-P system was NOT designed to harass innocent scooter riders, but to replace an inaccurate measuring system with a more accurate one.

Due to the lack of air and rolling resistance, many scooters achieve a very high top speed on a test bench that could never be reached on the open road. The TRAKTAL T1-P system simultaneously measures the power and calculates the correct speed on the road.

This prevents your scooters from standing with the appraiser for weeks!

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