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EOL Test bench

EPAC test benches

TRAKTAL test benches for EPAC (Electrically PowerAssisted Cycle = pedelec) meet the highest demands.

We can deliver single drum test benches as well as double drum test benches. Including brake test dry and wet!

All test stands are set up according to customer requirements. Some of the numerous options are:

  • measurement inputs for current, voltage, analog values
  • digital inputs (switches, brake lights, etc.)
  • analog outputs (for stepless external control)
  • digital outputs
  • temperature inputs (type K or IR)
  • emergency shutdown of the vehicle
  • cooling fan (automatic)
  • quick change holder
  • pneumatic fixation
  • underfloor installation
  • automatic protective doors
  • brake test
  • etc.

Perfect for EOL tests, R&D, EN15194, R200 and many other tests.

Double drum laboratory test bench with brake test dry and wet.
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