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Dynamic test benches

These test benches absorb the vehicle power using the inertia of the roller. The power is recorded during the acceleration. By evaluating with our T-Soft software, informative diagrams can be generated in seconds.

Our test stands can cover a huge measuring range from almost 0 km/h to over 360 km/h. Very slow speeds are necessary, e.g. to check the operation of the automatic clutch.

The maximum speed can be determined very precisely.

How exactly this works is clearly explained on this Speed Bull page.

Dynamic test benches are perfect for testing vehicles with internal combustion engines (and variomatic).

Again there are different classes:

T1 for vehicles up to 22 kW

T1-P for use by appraisers or the police

T2 for motorcycles

T4 for quads

They are not suitable for hybrid (Pedelec, EPAC) or e-vehicles. Our static benches are made for this.

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