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TRAKTAL Vertex Drive

TRAKTAL Vertex Drive

The TVD (TRAKTAL Vertex Drive) is a disruptive drive method for EPAC (Pedelecs) on a test bench.

No connections or adapters are required to drive the crank.

No set-up work when changing models.

Independent of vertical changes in position of the crank axle due to compression (due to load weights) or horizontal changes due to thrust forces (fork deflects).

The black cords could build up tensile forces of up to 16 kN (1.6 t). This is limited to a maximum of 2 x 30 daN (2 x 30 kg) by means of a stepless force control. This simulates the pedaling power and at the same time pulls the bike down onto the measuring roller. As a result, the rear wheel cannot slip. Additional straps or weights are no longer required.

How this works is shown here …

Not only does it look amazingly simple, it is!

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